Improving of vitreous surgery methods in the treatment of patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy and cataract (prognostic aspects)

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ТавсифThe urgency and relevance of the theme of dissertation. Hyperglycemia through several mechanisms is the subject to be to thicken of the basement membrane, and loss of pericytes and capillary’s constriction. Hypocsemirated retina releases various factors of angiogenesis, which promotes the formation of new blood vessels, germinating to back hyaloid membrane. These newly formed vessels are the reason of intravitreal hemorrhaging, in the stage of which are to be formed fibrovascular bands that lead to traction detached retina, breaking and combined retinal detachment. These situations are an indication for vitreoretinal surgery.
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Муаллиф Kherа Akshey
Нашр этилган йили 2018
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