Science of Avicenna

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ТурЎқув-услубий мажмуа
ТавсифThis handbook is part of the higher education destinations of 4-year medical and medical-pedagogical faculties for additional training units, meets state standards and model curricula. Textbook learning modules that match the instructional hours of the program. The tutorial shows the types of interactive methods of teaching technology. Fully described the life and work of Abu Ali ibn Sina, studied his priceless works. Also, human nature, the factors which formed the nature, types, factors changing nature, the internal body fluids and their educational role in the body, simple articles on these issues valuable thoughts. In this tutorial we examined the causes, classification, treatment of diseases, the types of bleeding, indications and contraindications, and these skills are currently used in medicine. The department specialized diseases are explained anatomical and physiological structure, diseases, treatments each body.
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Муаллиф Tilloeva Sh.Sh
Хато тўғрисида маълум қилиш Транслит